Diploma WAM – Die Medienakademie

In my study as a Media- & Communication-Designer not only classes like typography, photography, texting, web design, graphic design and so on were teached. I also got input in areas like advertising psychology, marketing, planing or publishing. Over all I got the complete knowledge to act like a one man army.

Born in Germany – Work hard, efficient & accurate
Creator since Day One – Started with drawing as a little boy in kindergarten
Inexhaustible thirst for Knowledge – Learning new ways of being creative, handle programs or look for new horizons
Early Adopter – New trends & tech? Hell Yeah!
Working in Affinity Designer on PixelCotton Model with the Witcher Design on T-Shirt


These are the things I like the most. For more services scroll down to the "Full Service List FAQ" section.

User Interface Design (UI)

UI design for me is creating the general look and feel (more static, different from IxD) of user interfaces for machines and software (computers, mobile devices …) with the focus on maximizing usability and the user experience.

User Experience Design (UX)

UX refers to a person’s emotions and attitudes about using a particular product, environment, system or service. In my case it is more analytical than designing something, when UI and IxD build the visual part.


Advertising is a visual (also audio) form of marketing communication. Starts with single banners and ending with complex campaigns that promote a company, person or brand.

Interaction Design (IxD)

Interaction design is the practice of designing the communication between user and digital products, environments, systems, and services. It is also useful when creating physical (non-digital) products, exploring how a user might interact with it. While interaction design has an interest in form, its main area of focus rests on behavior.

Brand Material

Brand Material is all about designing stuff (stationery, booth, brochures, flyer, sticker…) based on Corporate Design/Identity.

Corporate Branding

Corporate Brand is all about logo, name, colors, fonts and everything a brand need. It combines Corporate Design and Corporate Identity.

Johannes StockPrincipal Designer, Futurice

Christopher combines fresh ideas with an eye for detail. And his reliability makes every collaboration super successful.

David SchulzDesign Manager, Spreadshirt

Working with Christopher is always fun. Whether it is communicating with the developers or introducing new ideas into the design team. Christopher is an excellent Interaction Designer, Who can quickly create WordPress prototypes to underline his vision.

Dr. Felix RölleckeCo-Founder & COO, vetevo GmbH

Chris is an outstanding designer, who is regularly involved in the design and implementation of our projects. He has decisively helped our products, our website and our brand get a uniform, distinctive look. Our customers love the designs, and our conversion rates have increased significantly since the Webite relaunch.

Myong-Jin KwonFreelance UX Designer

Christopher is one of the extreme rarely to find real talented UI/IA Designer. He directly steps into the UX creation process to be on point to get the clear vision fast. His skillset is excellent, his communication honest, his perception keen and his aspiration is always on top level. He dedicates his rare talent to create professional productive state of the art design.

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Full Service List FAQ

What's about Photoshop?

I use Affinity programs for my work. When it comes to UI design sketch is also a better choice. If you need Photoshop in your company no problem form me, too.

What can you say about your WordPress skills?

My whole portfolio is a WordPress site and my private projects are always WordPress sites. I am experienced in creating fast prototypes, create a brand website and stuff like that. For me, a combination of different visual composer has been reinforced. Based on the project, I chose another one to create as quickly as possible without compromising.

Can you handle sketch projects?

Yes. I use craft for fast prototypes in combination with inVision. To make it as easy as possible for the developers I also use Zeplin for export.

What means Advertising?

I can create your complete communication to clients in general. B2B and B2C. We can plan timelines, complex advertising campaigns or your next booth. Web and Print or both.

Can you create Corporate Designs?

Yes. I’m also experienced in creating style guides or brand books to ensure the consistency in future projects also without myself.

Why UI/UX or rather web AND print design?

Because I worked a long time as a print designer before, there is a solid base. That means I can create your stuff without „One-way streets“. Colors on displays for example are completely different from printing them on paper.

The programm we use isn't on your list?

Really? No problem I can lern it or have it anyway. Just because I use other programs does not mean that I can not with yours.

Apart from your Specialitys on top, what the hell is print from your perspective?

I have a solid agency background in full-service. Means I can create everything in general.

We need someone for video stuff, too. Any experiences?

Yes. For private projects I have brought it to me. I’m not a pro but let’s talk!

Which prototyping tool do you use?

I tried a lot of them. If you prefer something, let’s do it. High fidelity prototypes on WordPress base? Principle? inVision …

There is no time for big user research and usertesting. Do you have a solution?

In this case, I am on top of  „best guess“ and „best practice“. We can use the knowledge of existing things and make them better or matching.

We are an Advertising agency. Any experiences with confidentiality agreements?

Agency background. I only show what was allowed to me official. This is also a reason why my portfolio isn’t that extensive on my website.

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