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Oh man! InVision, the prototyping and collaboration tool for mobile and web projects, publishes “Studio”. With Studio, InVision becomes a desktop app. The best thing first: Mac and Windows! It brings also some new features like responsive design is as simple as never. For me it looks like what Sketch should be.

Looks like InVision aims to make the competitors Sketch and AdobeXD redundant.

InVision Studio

The world’s most powerful screen design tool

One design for every device

Studio featured a set of new tools for the implementation of design projects. The first impression is a combination of Sketch, Craft-Plug-in and Invision itself. A dream comes true.

No switching between different applications anymore. With Studio, the creation of countless screens will come to an end. Because designers only have to create one design with Studio, which automatically adapts thanks to the responsive layout. Also the interaction and animation part is inside.

Furthermore, the collaboration with colleagues is even easier. The shared component libraries allow all participants access to the same systems.

Get it

Studio is still in a closed beta. However, prospective customers can already register via the Early-Preview., what I have already done. The public version will be released in January 2018. The prices for studio are not yet known, but according to Clark (CEO) are below the prices of the competition, so it should be under 99$ like Sketch.


To make Invision Studio epic it needs file support and also AdobeXD would be nice to have. The wide range of plug-ins in Sketch is not to be underestimated, too. Especially the Zeplin connection is gold for a better collaboration with your devs.

UPDATE: InVision Studio will have the most radical price, free. InVision wants to distribute the tools completely free of charge and only the sharing and comment options on the existing InVision service is paid. The pure software with all functions, however, does not cost a cent!

What would be your perfect InVision Studio like? Any other wishes or fears?
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