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Every journey involves the same puzzle: how does it all fit in my suitcase? On Youtube and social media we always see how a digital nomad waddles loose and light-footed from the plane, with no more than his tiny little backpack on. We would like to have that easy. But how? Techwear what’s that?


The Enlightenment

Our outdoor hobby opened my eyes. Extremely durable garments and multifunctionality. Everything is designed to consume little space, to endure a lot and also to weigh little.

That’s how the digital nomads do it. Of course I get a lot more things in my backpack if they can be stowed smaller. Sure, I can handle less if it lasts longer. Of course I can wash my things quickly in the hotel sink and put on in the evening, if they are quick-drying.

One point we have overlooked yet: Digital nomads do not look as if they are just coming from a tracking tour and always dressed fashion-conscious. That brings us finally to the actual topic.



What’s this?

Techwear generally refers to highly functional garments that, in the best case, even have several usecases. In addition to the function, this range is also concerned with the aesthetics. The scene strives for a modern, technically inspired look. I’ve linked a Pinterest board here, so you can get a rough overview.

The big player

The very first name that falls on this subject is certainly ACRONYM. In addition to NIKE ACG there are many others who offer garments that take your breath away.

Tech is not for everyone

Not everyone wants to look like they just stumbled upon the last science fiction. I can calm you down, the outdoor scene is now in an excellent position. You can completely dress up in the outdoor store of your choice and no one will recognize the difference to normal clothing.


The basic equipment

To be prepared for any weather, we use the onion principle. This refers to the stacking of various garments, matching the current weather. As a result, we have no unnecessary clothes that we only need in extreme cases. Not only in number, but also in preparation for the seasons, we can save. For example, with the onion principle, you make a rainproof winter jacket out of a warming under jacket and a rain jacket. At the onion principle, you basically simply layer the clothes:

  1. Weather layer – protection against rain, wind and cold
  2. Insulation layer – insulation, breathability, sun or insect protection
  3. Base layer – functional underwear

I would recommend the following equipment:

GORE-TEX® rain jacket

GORE-TEX® is a membrane that is windproof, waterproof but permeable to water vapor and therefore breathable. A GORE-TEX® rain jacket is ideal as a weather layer. They hold up pretty much any heavy rain and can still be stowed away space. A good GORE-TEX® jacket can be your faithful companion for a long time.

Down / PRIMALOFT® Jacket

The first layer of warmth is a down or PRIMALOFT® jacket. Unlike down, PRIMALOFT® can still warm when wet. Here decides the price. Both types of jacket can be extremely compressed and thus save space.


Our second heat layer. The fleece jacket is extremely breathable. These soft, lightweight products will keep you warm and also dry quickly. Fleece jackets are the typical “evening’s cold” hero. Simply pulled over, like a hoody. They are our most common choice.

breathable shirt

The base for the upper body gives us a breathable T-shirt. On the one hand we are prepared for extremely hot places and on the other hand we have a solid undershirt. If you want to think extremely, you can use merino wool. Merino has the practical ability to absorb “no” odors. If you sweat a lot, or want to wear the shirt longer, this is your choice.

Cargo pants

In addition to the Gore-Tex jacket, the cargo pants are the second classic of Techwear. Thanks to the pockets on the legs, we quickly get a technically superior look that is also familiar from the military. The bags are of course not only beautiful, but also very practical. A map, mobile phone or wallet are quickly stowed here and do not clog your back pockets.

breathable long underpants

Similar to the breathable shirt, we can also equip the legs. If it gets cold, carry it under the cargo pants. In addition, you can use them in hotel as a jogging pants replacement.

running Shoes

The crowning glory is provided by running shoes or comfortable sneakers. They are lightweight, space-saving to stow and provide comfort during long tours across the city. Alternatively, you can also resort to trail running shoes. They have the same advantages as running shoes, but are also suitable for outdoor stuff because of their off-road soles.

If you are looking for real trekking tours, you should take care of proper hiking boots. If you are not non-slip, you can quickly bend over. This is very dangerous with more weight on the back.


As you can easily see in my pinboard, the safest color is always black. If this is too dark for you, do not combine too many colors to keep the look. Basically, a techwear outfit lives from the details that excel in the black base tone. In addition to black, you can still use white, grey and olive as well.

One Bag Travel

To top it off, get yourself a so-called carry-on bag. This is a backpack that fits exactly to airport standards, and goes through as hand luggage. It comprises about 40 liter. Everything you need fits in there. Probably the most famous backpack for digital nomads is the Minaal 2.0. Since it is now also available in black, it is perfect for or concept. The grey version is of course not exactly inappropriate.

Other alternative brands with cool carry-on bags in this range:

In addition to our basic equipment, we now pack another 1-2 breathable shirts, a little bit of underwear and 1-3 pairs of socks. This puts us in the best possible position and or bag has plenty of room for our mobile office, the photographic equipment and everything else we need to travel next to our hygiene items.

How to master

You’re probably wondering how to adjust your wardrobe to those piggy-expensive clothes. To answer the question, it’s best to think fundamentally different. The nice thing is that it do not just make traveling easier, but in general! I personally thought about the following things:

“I have to get the winter / summer clothes back up.”

That’s it. Do you have such boxes, which are carried in the rhythm in the cellar and are then “hauling out” again? Let’s take a look at the onion principle. If it gets colder we just put a layer more. The down jacket fits tennis ball big in your backpack and you fold the rain jacket just in the sunglasses compartment. Add a shirt and a fleece jacket and you’ve cut most of the weather.

“Oh, you can still carry it to work.”

Why? Things that are so messed up that you can no longer carry them “normally” do we take to work? Personally, I prefer to wear things that I like always. Again, the right garment setting the tone.

“For home is still enough!”

Really? Just at home, while relaxing you should be fine.

“That’s what I had yesterday, it has to go to the laundry.”

There are clothes that stink after a short wear, but they are not really dirty. Whats the reason to own these? Throw it out of the window! In an emergency, I can wear my merino shirt for 9 days without feeling uncomfortable. Admittedly, I do not do this in everyday life, but the option to have is gold.

“I need color!”

I’ll got it. You do not always want to run around like a grey mouse, but you can also create color through accents. Maybe a cloth, jewelery … just petty stuff. Because the royal class is easy to be able to combine every garment together. Then you have no setup for every color of the rainbow.

“For that I need a special XY”

There are certainly a lot of garments that are only useful for one purpose and that’s a good thing. But do you really have to buy everything for any of these purposes, or maybe you can borrow an outfit for skiing, or bridge with something from your collection? Real hobbies must of course be fed, but every activity not.



If you have less, you can concentrate on great things. Who has only great things, is certainly happier. Who is happy, doesn’t need more.

What do you think about?

Is Techwear something for you?

Push it in the comments!

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